Thursday, December 31, 2009

Images from the Gaza Freedom March and New Years in Cairo

Another quick update from the Gaza Freedom March in Cairo. We've had quite a few great protests and events all week... many of you asked for images.

Here are some taken by friends:

Starts with some from our successful sit-in at the UN offices, where I'm protesting with an Italian clown :-)

Today was a massive action in the middle of downtown Cairo with several hundred activists marching and blocking the streets near the prominent Egyptian Museum... discreetly converging en-masse when flags went up simultaneously - there was some violent actions by riot police with a dozen protesters beaten and injured; after 30 mins protestors took over a square nearby for several hours calling it the "Gaza Freedom Square".

A striking image from the action in Le Monde that someone sent me today:

Don't worry I missed much of this as I was with the Indian Embassy in Cairo all morning. They finally agreed to provide a supporting letter on my behalf for a Gaza permit to the Egyptian Foreign Ministry - though it may take upto a week to process it if approved, so lets see how it goes...

Tonight we plan to have a candle-light vigil and hand-out sweets to all the police and security folks who've been joining our Gaza freedom protests all week :-)

It's a "blue moon" new years eve today... apparently happens every 20 years or so..

Wishing everyone a peaceful and joyous New Year.

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