Friday, January 1, 2010

Blue Moon in Cairo with Candle lights and Baklava ....

Happy New Year to everyone!

Thought I'd share some pics taken here in Cairo last night:

My friends Jegan and Kamila flew into Cairo yesterday as well - nice to have them here this week.

We spent the evening in Tahrir Square silently lighting candles commemorating the one year siege of Gaza; it then turned into a celebratory evening after midnight with accordian music, singing and dancing, while the security forces watched and turned all locals away... as usual they brought in the riot police on stand-by ...

I then proceeded to hand out Baklava to all the police officers thanking them for standing with us for the freedom of Gaza all these difficult days :-) Nearly all of them accepted the treats with a smile - I even hugged and kissed a few I had come to know over the past days... it was both a very touching and hilarious moment... the pictures say it all.

Later that we spent the night on the terrace of a hotel watching the "blue moon" and danced with locals to arabic and latin music - a good reprieve after so many intense days of protests. Turns out most of them were gay Egyptian young men (many actors, artists and writers) - quite amazing dancers... great vibe... needless to say I made more friends on the dance floor than I expected :-)

You can see the rest of Antony's pics from the past week's events in Cairo below:

It's been a memorable time so far... hard to believe it's 2010 already!

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