Sunday, January 17, 2010

Update on Mustafa's eye surgery in Gaza and contributing via MECA online ...

Dear friends,

I just wanted to provide a quick update on Mustafa's situation in Gaza. Yesterday we met with Dr. Mahmoud Ghonim, a local eye doctor, to discuss his treatment. We had many generous offers from doctors in Israel/Jordan offering pro-bono services.

Dr. Ghonim looked over Mustafa's medical report and indicted he had a scar in his cornea and a traumatic cataract. Initially, they had conducted a sutering of the cornea and lens aspiration which needed to heal before further treatment. Now 2 months later, Mustafa is ready for the next stage i.e. an implantation of interocular lens (IOL).

We learned that this is not an especially complicated procedure and in fact the Al-Nasser Eye Institute in Gaza City should be able to handle it, as well as the Jordanian military hospital setup here after the last war. So I hope we can get Mustafa treatment locally in Gaza in the coming weeks without the stress and expense of going abroad, as he has no formal approval to do so.

While Mustafa's surgery here may not end up costing much, any contributions provided would go towards his ongoing rehabilitation and education.

We are fortunate to have the Middle East Children's Alliance (MECA), based in Berkeley and Gaza, agree to serve as fiscal sponsor for donations to Mustafa's cause.

You may provide contributions securely online via facebook or directly on the MECA website on behalf of "Mustafa Shaban Zaanin" (Gaza):

I will continue to post some updates on my blog while I'm still in Gaza till Jan 20th.
Thanks for all your support and I hope Mustafa will recover fully soon.


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